actually the best wife is nanjo kei. 


different strokes for different folks sharu. im sure someone out there has ikustsuki as a wife. they might even have a folder full of 10gb ikustsuki photos

me??? i get sick at the thought of his existence but ok

there are no bad persona wives. except yosuke fuck yosuke

are we talkin persona wives. well you see

(moves to reveal shrines to fuuka and rise)

does anyone else remember spending hours playing that stick rpg / sim game like. getting run over and robbing banks an stuff that was my life for a few days

my nose is all bloody. why? because flu how does that work??? i’ve spent the last few days playin p3 and writihin in agony and i remembered how much i love p3

IM on internet aafter 5 days. how are you guys ive still been sick and eveyrhting hurts

i have two friends who are galaxies and one whos a moon and a few who are stars and its so cute… they are all so cute i love em

oh no im remembering that fic i read where minato kept replaying the p3 year over and over again and he acted different all the years to see if he could escape it and…. one year when minato ognored everyone ryoji came up to him
and said
‘i liked the years we were friends more’ and minato just lost it and kept hitting it and ryoji just kept smiling for minato